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Trish & Amoe Tarsau-Hina – PBRU Womens Rugby

July 2016

Both Trish and Amoe have been volunteering for 6-10 years.  They are currently involved with developing local women’s rugby with a particular focus on youth 20+ hours a week. They do everything from training the 30+ girls every weekday morning at 5:30am for gym workouts  to delivering speed training  3 times a week. This involves picking all of the girls up each morning and dropping them home for school then taking themselves to their full time jobs.  They also deliver weekly mentoring sessions and have organised amazing opportunities for the squad including upcoming trips to New Caledonia and Byron Bay. Women’s rugby on a local scale has been very low profile or even non existent, the commitment that these 2 display to the girls and to the sport, will surely see that the future of women’s rugby (especially for our youth) is promising.


 The monthly winner will receive a $25 voucher from Peppers Beachfront, Sport Maker merchandise, and a volunteer discount card.

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