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Ondrea Gooch – Trampolining

February 2017

“Ondrea was a gymnast when she was a child, and a New Zealand Champion who was on the Gisborne Gymnastics Honours Board.
She has spent a long time as a parent sitting and watching her own children, but when she was approached to ask of her interest in teaching the children gymnastics, she said ‘yes’ straight away.
Ondrea has really grown into this role of teaching the little 5-7 year olds in the Recreation classes. Her experience has been amazing for the club, and it highlights to parents that gymnastics is not just something you do for a short time, it’s a love for life and a wonderful skill that can be passed on years later to those who too, have a real love for gymnastics.

We thank Ondrea for her ongoing enthusiasm and time she gives to the Gisborne Gymnastics Club and to the kids.”

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