Team Leaderboard


PositionTeamNo. MembersClimbsAvg. Cli/MemMetres
41stArchitects 44232390
42ndPill poppers631390
43rdCoates Associates631390
44thSingle Ladies & co221260
45thWe KAN do it!321260
46thMarist For The Win520260
47thThe Doctors - Te Whare Hapara520260
48thStairs Famz221260
49thGizzy Grocers1220260
51stHub Mako920260
52ndTeam Parkour122260
53rdATF Less hui more doey820260
54thThree Rivers620260
55thMore FM122260
56thGisborne District Council321260
57thFirstlight Frozen Crew820260
58thThompsons Horticulture01INF130
60thKalapu Feletoa310130
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