Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some helpful tips, from using the website to where you can climb! If these don’t answer your question, feel free to email us

Which peaks can I climb?

Although the official home of the challenge is Titirangi maunga in Gisborne, you can climb any peak as long as your ascent is equal to or greater than that of Titirangi (130m).

To convert your climbs, you can use the handy chart below, or take the number of metres you've climbed (heaps of apps to find that), and divide it by 130 (that's the height of Titirangi).
So if you climb 300 metres, you divide it by 130 (that equals 2.3), round it down because you're honest  and enter two climbs on the website.

Remember, Titirangi is a safe challenge environment. There are safety signs for cars, a one-way road and access is allowed. If you're climbing other maunga, take safety precautions and make sure you're allowed to be there


Where do I start and finish my climb on Titirangi?

If you're climbing Titirangi, for it to be a full 130m ascent, you need to start from one of two points: Te Poho-o-Rawiri Mārae or 70 Endcliffe Road

Many choose to complete two climbs at once, and go from the marae over the hill to 70 Endcliffe, then back up and over the maunga. It doesn't matter whether you wish to do one, or ten climbs at once, so long as you start and finish at one of the above locations.

How do I join a team?
To register for a team, Go to the event website and select "update your details" as below:
Then select yes to updating your team:
On the next page you can select your team from the menu of existing teams. Select your desired team from the dropdown menu then select 'update'
Looking for a buddy to climb with?

A great way to find friends to climb with is by using the challenge's Facebook community. There are a number of groups that climb the maunga regularly and welcome new faces. Additionally you can always post into the group when you're heading up, inviting others.

Join the Facebook community

My climbs aren't showing in my team total

When the website records your climbs, it automatically adds them to your team total. If you join a team after logging your climbs, your climbs aren't automatically added to the team total. This is because of the implications of this later in the challenge when users may switch teams.

If your first climbs haven't been added to your team total, feel free to email us and we can update your team's total.

I've seen dangerous driving on Titirangi

Unfortunately, not all drivers value the safety of pedestrians and cyclists and highly as they should. If you see any concerning driving on the maunga, please do your best to capture the car's information (license plate is best), and pass the details on to the Police and Gisborne District Council.