Challenge starts Monday 2 October - Sunday 19 November 2023

Registrations open Monday 25 September 2023

Titirangi Mt Everest Challenge

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Top 10 Individuals

1stLewyMt Everest – Nepal badgeHULLKFIT42054600
2ndTerrenceMt Everest – Nepal badgeHuringa Pai Whanau 202238449920
3rdHaere -TonuMt Everest – Nepal badgeHULLKFIT25633280
4thLizMt Everest – Nepal badgeThe last of the Summer Wine23730810
5thCoryMt Everest – Nepal badgeHULLKFIT23530550
6thManaMt Everest – Nepal badgeNo team assigned20426520
7thKaraMt Everest – Nepal badgeHULLKFIT17823140
8thRaeganMt Everest – Nepal badgeJill’s Gang17322490
9thWiniataMt Everest – Nepal badgeHULLKFIT16221060
10thWandaMt Everest – Nepal badgeHULLKFIT15920670

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Top 10 Teams

PositionTeamNo. MembersClimbsAvg. Cli/MemMetres
2ndHuringa Pai Whanau 202240162941211770
3rdTe Runanganui o Ngati Porou53134025174200
5thFulton Hogan49935.519121615
6thWhangaia Nga Pa Harakeke3287527113750
7thThe last of the Summer Wine107427496460
8thPultron Pack237273294510
9thJill’s Gang85677173710

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Latest News

Titirangi Mt. Everest Challenge Wraps Up Tenth Year

Last Sunday marked the end of the tenth Titirangi Mt. Everest Challenge. For the seven weeks of the challenge, 1,547 participants set out to climb the maunga to complete the 68 climbs, the equivalent of Mt. Everest. Altogether, participants climbed the …

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Val Lewis Conquers Titirangi Mt. Everest Challenge

The Titirangi Mt. Everest Challenge always produces amazing stories of participants who register with an unknown ability to do even one of the sixty-eight climbs to scale the height of Mt. Everest using the local maunga of Titirangi. The saying “you ar …

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2022 Titirangi Mt. Everest Challenge

The countdown is on till the 2022 Titirangi Mt. Everest Challenge kicks off for its tenth year! Registrations open Monday 19 September, with the event starting Monday 26 September and ending on Sunday 13 November. Last year, the iconic event of Tairāwh …

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