Taupua Tairāwhiti is a shared services model developed by Sport Gisborne Tairāwhiti, and funded by Trust Tairāwhiti, the JN Williams Memorial Trust, The Sunrise Foundation and PGF.

The aim of the Shared Services initiative is to provide a fit-for-purpose entity that offers a range of services for the sporting community and not-for-profit sector. So that organisations can create, sustain and manage high quality consistent service delivery now, and into the future.

Through insights gathering, it was highlighted that there was a demand for a shared services model in Tairāwhiti to help the sporting community and not-for-profit sector. Sport New Zealand Futures’ work also shows how participation and funding trends are changing and the need for our codes and clubs to be able to adapt and innovate.

The pilot will be focusing on selected organisations to
provide the following services:



Administration and

information management

Communications, marketing and branding

Once systems are established the aim is to expand the services to other organisations as well as expand the range of services to:



Financial & Strategic Planning


and policy

What are the benefits of the shared services pilot for organisations?

  • Specialist expert resource on-call.
  • Increased time spent on growing their membership base.
  • More time to plan to reach participants who face access barriers.
  • Improving financial security and club sustainability.
  • Increased efficiency and quality of back-office support and services.
  • Flexible platform providing scalable demand-based services.
  • One-stop shop for services.
  • Reduced burn-out and loss of sporting board members and leadership.
  • More organisations who can meet the Charity Commission and funders financial reporting requirements.
  • Improved quality of service delivery including Health & Safety and legal compliance.

Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi

With your basket and my basket together, the people will thrive!

Together we can create sustainable organisations; save money by charging wage-rate rather than contract-rates for services; save time by creating efficiencies, sharing best practice, and automating systems; foster partnerships and collaboration; strengthen governance; ensure compliance; and put your focus back on to providing quality and consistent service delivery for a healthy, active and connected Tairāwhiti.

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Organisations involved

This pilot project is focusing on 10 organisations, which can be seen below.

Meet the Team

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Tracey Harkess

Communications Advisor

Tamera Nelson

Client Relationships & Accounts Management

Leanne Harrison

Project Manager

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