Improving Governance for Sport and Recreation Workshop

If you want your organisation to work at its full potential, you need a strong Board or Committee that truly understands their roles and responsibilities. This practical workshop provides a clear understanding of what good governance looks like, without all the fluff and jargon.

We will explore:

    • Common Models for Non-Profit Governance: What model does your Board currently use? Is this still the right model for your organisation? If not, how can you shift from where you are to where you want to be?
    • Roles and Responsibilities : What does this look like in a real sense? Who does what? What does that mean in terms of roles and responsibilities from a governance perspective and an operations perspective?
    • Best Practice Governance : What makes a good Board or Committee, great? What are the practices that ensure Boards and Committees are working at their highest level? How does your Board or Committee measure up?
    • Expectations for Trustees : What can be reasonably expected from individual member? What behaviours should trustees demonstrate on a consistent basis? How will you ensure that performance is reviewed on a regular basis?

This will be an essential workshop for anyone involved or interested in sport and recreation boards and committees.

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