Hot Wheels spinning again for the summer

The ‘Hot Wheels’ wheelchair basketball league is back in full force for the summer, having played (and won) their first game of the season last night. The Hot Wheels are coached by Sport Gisborne Tairawhiti Community Sport Advisor Ray Noble,  and are now in their third year.

The program creates a fun and friendly environment in which children with physical disabilities can be part of a team. Social interaction and membership of a group working together to achieve goals are aspects of the exercise that have been hugely beneficial in each athlete’s personal development.

The program is made possible by the generous support of Lytton High School.


SGT Dietitian Mary Hope weighs in on 9-6-4 and the holiday period

Last night Mary Hope from the Sport Gisborne Tairawhiti Active Health team provided a free clinic in partnership with Huringa Pai on how the 9-6-4 program can work through the festive season.

9-6-4 is a health choice based on recommendations from the World Health Organisation as to how much (added) sugar should be consumed within a day. This being 9 teaspoons for men, 6 for women and 4 for children. This health movement has a strong following within the Huringa Pai community and has changed the lives of many.

The clinic examined many popular alcoholic drinks and their sugar content, many of which came as a shock to those in attendance. Most RTD’s, beers and wines would cause someone to reach their daily sugar limit in a single serving. Combined with the often indulgent food choices made through the holiday period, Mary highlighted a need for mindfulness to maintain healthy diet and lifestyle choices through the holidays.


Mary’s key holiday recommendations:

  • Compensate for indulgent days by getting out and being active before or after
  • Abide by the ‘healthy plate model’ of half fruit/veg, quarter proteins and quarter starch/carbs
  • Look for opportunities to substitute healthy ingredients into your classic recipes i.e yoghurt for cream
  • When drinking alcohol, consume equal parts water throughout
  • Take advantage of the inexpensive fresh, local fruit and veg available during this time

Watch the full presentation here

Huringa Pai - Mary

Thank you sponsors!

We met swarms of happy competitors last weekend at our Quarter Marathon event! We’re very lucky to have a team of generous sponsors who make this event possible.
This years Quarter Marathon was supported by The Gisborne Herald, DTR Finance, Emerald Hotel & Conference Centre, Gisborne, Fulton Hogan, Jetts Fitness Gisborne, The Hits Gisborne, Electrinet, Harvey Norman, Heavitree Orchard, Riverton Orchard, Gisborne Olympic Pools, Surfing With Frank, Avanti Plus Maintrax and Freedom Health & Fitness

Photo: The Gisborne Herald

Gisborne Herald Quarter Marathon