Alert Level Three Update

As of 11.59pm on Tuesday 31 August, the Government announced that Auckland and Northland will remain in Alert Level 4 while the rest of New Zealand will be moving to Alert Level 3.
Here is a recap of what Alert Level 3 looks like:
🤒 If you are unwell, stay home.
💦Practice good hygiene – wash your hands, cough or sneeze into your elbow, and clean surfaces frequently
📱Keep track of where you’ve been using the NZ COVID Tracer and QR codes displayed by businesses (Make sure you’ve enabled Bluetooth!) or you’re using an alternative tracing register.
↔️Practice physical distancing
😷Face masks/coverings are mandatory when on public transport, or when visiting health care facilities, or businesses that are open that involve customer contact e.g. supermarkets
🍽 Cafés, restaurants and takeaways can open in Alert Level 3 but only for contactless pick-up, delivery or drive through
🏢Our office will remain closed until we are in Alert Level Two
Play, active recreation, and sport is limited in Alert Level 3 subject to public health measures.
🚴‍♀️ You do not have to wear a face mask/covering when you are exercising outside, walking or cycling but keep a two-metre distance from others outside of your bubble
⛔️Public facilities, swimming pools and gyms are still shut
❌ Playgrounds are still closed
✅ Do safe and low-risk activities so you do not need rescuing or medical care
🚁Any activities that may expose the participant to danger or may require search and rescue services
are not permitted
🌲This means you should not participate in activities such as hunting, back country tramping, rock climbing, mountaineering, and mountain biking at grade 3 or above
🏄‍♀️ If you are experienced, you can do activities such as: Surfing, mountain biking (under grade 3), and swimming. ONLY if you are experienced, it is low risk and follows public health guidance. See the link below for further detail
🏡 You can travel a little further for exercise but remain close to home and keep a two-metre distance from those not in your bubble and avoid touching surfaces and equipment that others may touch
🌿 Some trails and parks may be closed, check out the Gisborne District Council website before you leave
🐠 You can fish from a wharf or shore but no casting from rocks or boating
🚤 Water-based activities involving boats or motorised craft or equipment, or scuba diving are not allowed
⚽️ Organised sports or physical activity is not allowed outside your bubble
If in doubt, don’t go out.
For the full guidance on play, active recreation and sport at level 3 check out the following links:
➡️Sport NZ
We will share any updates as they come through.
Stay safe Tairāwhiti and be kind ❤️