Movement & Fundamental Movement Skills

Whether you are an early childhood educator or a parent wanting to increase opportunities for children to be active and develop their fundamental movement skills you might want to take a look at the resources below.   


5 under 5 skills resource
pictured of the 5 under 5 skills chart

Kiwi Baby, Kiwi Toddler, Kiwi Preschooler: Simple guides to beneficial, suitable and safe movement experiences in the beginning years.


Sport NZ Active Movement Resources: A variety of fun activities to get little children moving.


Sport NZ Active Movement Videos: Providing great ideas to have fun with little children and helping them to learn through movement.


Moving Smart: Activities that foster children’s natural, move to learn style, while helping educators and parents understand the benefits of all that wriggling.


Ministry of Health: Sit Less, Move More, Sleep Well – Active Play Guidelines for Under-fives


Music and Movement

Music evokes movement and movement is vital to the healthy development and growth of young children.  Check out these options to enhance your music collection for preschoolers.  

Tessa Rose Productions


Kids Music Company



Heart Foundation Learn by Heart

Learn by Heart is the Heart Foundation’s interactive education website.  Should you choose to register your early childhood centre with Learn by Heart you can access a number of resources and programmes to promote healthy eating and physical activity.


5 + A Day Teaching Resource

A teaching resource for early childhood educators.  Includes activities around counting, colours, health, growing activities, seasons and celebrations, aimed at encouraging healthy choices and eating 5+ A Day.



Does your centre provide a range of challenges and stimulating resources for children to play with?  Here’s some places to help make choosing your next purchase easier.


Raising Children

Raising Children support parents by providing them with quality video content on a range of helpful subjects including movement and nutrition.  Families share their experiences and expert advisers will provide you with a wealth of knowledge to help you find inspiration on your parenting journey.