Spring Holiday Programme 2021

Central Football Tairawhiti

4 day holiday programme: Monday 4 October – Thursday 7 October 

9am – 3pm 

Ilminster Intermediate School 

6 – 13 year olds 


Please note if the holiday programme is interrupted by COVID-19 restrictions, a full refund will be provided for the days that your child has missed.

Register via mycomet account or for more info contact [email protected] 



Oscar Spring Holiday Programme 

Monday 4 October – Friday 15 October 

9am – 3.45pm 

YMCA Oscar Gisborne 

5 – 13 year olds 

$45 per child, per day 

For more information or to register, check out ymcagisborne.org.nz/oscar/#holiday-programme 


Comet Swimming

Introduce your child to swimming or advance swimming skills. 

Week 1: Monday 4 – Friday 8 – $50 

Week 2: Monday 11 – Friday 15 – $50 

Elgin School Pool 

Register with [email protected] or 027 375 4527 


Gisborne Gymnastics Club

Gym Skill 1 

5th, 7th, 12th and 14th October 


4 classes for $60 

5-6 years 


Gym Skill 2 

5th, 7th, 12th and 14th 


4 classes for $60 

6-8 years 


Gym Skill 3 

5th, 7th, 12th and 14th 


4 classes for $60 

8-12 years 

For information and register gisbornegymnastics.com 


Poverty Bay Hockey

Year 3 – 6: Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 October

Intermediate: Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 October

8.30am – 1pm

One day $30

Two days $60

Register here or contact 027 381 6941

Alert Level Two Update

As of 11:59pm Tuesday 7 September, all of New Zealand outside of Auckland will move to Alert Level 2. Auckland will remain at Alert Level 4.
Here is a recap of what Alert Level 2 looks like:
🤒If you are unwell, stay home.
💦Practice good hygiene – wash your hands, cough or sneeze into your elbow, and clean surfaces frequently.
📱Keep track of where you’ve been using the NZ COVID Tracer and QR codes displayed by businesses (Make sure you’ve enabled Bluetooth!) or you’re using an alternative tracing register.
↔️Practice physical distancing.
😷Face masks/coverings are mandatory when on public transport, or when visiting health care facilities, or businesses that are open that involve customer contact e.g. supermarkets. Full details on mandatory mask wearing can be found on the below links.
🏢 Our office will re-open on Monday 13 September, although we may not be providing our full range of services due to Alert Level 2 restrictions. For the remainder of the week, we are working remotely so please reach out if you need.
Play, active recreation, and sport has restrictions in Alert Level 2 subject to public health measures. Alert Level 2 requirements have been taken off the Sport NZ website as they are currently being refined alongside the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Once this has been updated, we will share the information and guidance.
What we do know is that restrictions in Alert Level 2 will look a little different this time. Here’s what we know so far:
🌈 Parks and playgrounds are open.
🏋️‍ Indoor facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, dance studios and health clubs can open, but with safety measures in place. If you are planning on visiting one of these locations, we encourage you to reach out to the provider to double check the requirements before entry.
⚽️ Team sports can continue but are limited to 50 people for indoor venues and 100 people for outdoor venues – more clarity around this will be in the update whether multiple groups can gather in one location if they are separated.
🏈 Professional leagues can go ahead at Alert Level 2 as they take place in controlled workplaces.
🏊‍♀️For our indoor recreation facilities, customer serving staff must wear a face covering whist serving customers (except swimming pools). All workers must keep 2m apart from customers and clients using the services.
😷Mask wearing at indoor sports facilities is required apart from when you are exercising or playing sports. You do not need to wear a mask if exercising outdoors.
📱Mandatory record keeping and QR code scanning applies to all indoor sport and recreation facilities such as recreation centres, swimming pools, gyms and sports clubrooms, as well as commercial and ticketed sport and recreation events.
In all other places where people gather, it is encouraged but not mandatory to provide record keeping:
▪️Changing rooms
▪️Non-commercial or non-ticketed outdoor events involving more than 30 people
▪️If you are in doubt, it is recommended you provide record keeping. 
UPDATE 10.09.21: Sport New Zealand have updated their Alert Level 2 guidelines following the conclusion of their discussions with the Government.
You can do your usual sport and recreation activities if you can do them safely. You can take part in:
🚶Walking, cycling and hunting including on public conservation land. Overnight trips are OK
🏊‍♀️Swimming at a public swimming pool, with restrictions in place
🏋️‍♀️Going to the gym, with restrictions in place
🚤Boating and motorised water sports
Here are some key points in the new guidance:
👫Gatherings are limited to 100 in a defined space outdoors and 50 in a defined space indoors
👫The definition of what constitutes a ‘defined space’ has changed. Indoor spaces will need to be enclosed by walls (not partitions) that substantially divide each space and don’t share airflow
👫No intermingling is permitted in communal entrances/facilities between multiple single spaces. Where reasonably practicable people entering and exiting should keep 2 metres apart
👫This will mean many indoor facilities will only be able to host a single group of 50 at a time. These requirements are set out in the health order and are because of the increased transmissibility of the Delta variant
👫With respect to outdoor events and facilities, multiple gatherings can take place at the same time as long as they can be kept separated and do not share facilities. Phasing of activities could be used to allow time for people to pass through communal areas safely
😷You must legally wear a face covering if you are aged 12 or over in certain settings such as on public transport, inside retail businesses and public venues
😷You are also encouraged to wear a face covering when you cannot maintain your physical distance from others
😷Face coverings are also not required when exercising or playing sport
⚽️Community sports are limited to groups of 100 in a defined space outdoors and 50 in a defined space indoors. These group limits include all players and spectators (but not referees and officials). A sports venue can have multiple defined spaces by keeping people in separate groups of up to 100 (if outdoors) or 50 (if indoors)
⚽️Groups must be kept separate using entrances/exits, temporary or permanent walls between groups, and with separate airflow for each group for indoor facilities. These groups must not mingle or share common facilities at the same time
🏈Can operate with no more than 50 indoors or 100 outdoors in a defined space
🏈You can have multiple gatherings of 50 indoors as long as each space is substantially divided. These single spaces will need to be enclosed by walls that substantially divide each space and don’t share airflow
🏈No intermingling is permitted in communal entrances/facilities between multiple single spaces – where reasonably practicable entering and exiting keep 2 metres apart
🏈Face coverings don’t need to be worn but are encouraged
🏈Physical distancing of 2 metres applies
UPDATE 22.09.21: Gatherings of 100 are now permitted indoors and outdoors as long as all other conditions are met such as contact tracing and public hygiene measures.

UPDATE 18.10.21: Changes to gathering Limits at Alert Level 2. It has now been clarified that the intent of the health order at Alert Level 2 is to limit community sport to social gatherings of 100 people, with no physical distancing in place allowing contact sport to be played. As a result, Sport NZ’s guidance has been amended to reflect that the activity of community sport (including community sport competitions and events) – regardless of venue, indoor or outdoor – should be considered a social gathering and as such, the 100 number cap applies, with no social distancing for participants while playing or competing. We appreciate that this is more restrictive than originally interpreted, but this is in line with the Health Order and designed to reduce the associated public health risk. Please also note regarding the serving of food and beverage at sporting events. Just a reminder that hospitality settings apply so customers need to be seated at a table, not just seated.

You can read more here.

For more information, and to check when the updates come through, check out the following links:
Sport NZ